Thinking from a state of consciousnes- Neville Goddard

Here’s my second thread about Neville Goddard. Some key points from the book “The Essential Collection”

“It was in the fall of 1933 in New York City that I approached Abdullah with a problem. He asked me one simple question, “What do you want?” I told him that I would like to spend the winter in Barbados, but that I was broke. I literally did not have a nickel.

“If you imagine yourself to be *in* Barbados,” said he, “thinking and viewing the world *from* that state of consciousness instead of thinking *of* Barbados, you will spend the winter there.

You must not concern yourself with the ways and means of getting there, for the state of consciousness of already being in Barbados, if occupied by your imagination, will devise the means best suited to realize itself.”

Our imagination connects us with the state desired. But we must use imagination masterfully, not as an onlooker thinking of the end, but as a partaker thinking from the end. We must actually be there in imagination. If we do this, our subjective experience will be realized objectively.

Every state is already there as “mere possibility” as long as you think of it, but is overpoweringly real when you think from it.

That night and for several nights thereafter I fell asleep in the assumption that I was in my father’s house in Barbados. Within a month I received a letter from my brother saying that he had a strong desire to have the family together at Christmas and asking me to use the enclosed steamship ticket for Barbados. I sailed two days after I received my brother’s letter and spent a wonderful winter in Barbados.

This experience has convinced me that man can be anything he pleases if he will make the conception habitual and think from the end.

To whatever place or state we convey our imagination, to that place or state we will gravitate physically also.

We must move mentally from thinking of the end to thinking from the end. This, reason could never do. By its nature it is restricted to the evidence of the senses, but imagination, having no limitation, can. Desire exists to be gratified in the activity of imagination. Through imagination man escapes from the limitation of the senses and the bondage of reason.


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