How to promote your NFT project (Without spamming people or paying “NFT influencers”)

Ekim Kaya
4 min readOct 21, 2021


I’m not complaining. But I don’t think it works.

People are making millions of dollars, selling NFTs. Amazing! The following NFT sales took place only within a month, and this is

- pre-Coinbase_NFT
- pre-Zuckerverse!!!

One outcome of this beautiful craziness is people shilling each other their beautiful NFT projects. Most of them really ARE beautiful. But shilling doesn’t work. Discord promotions lead to spam, and spam rarely leads to sales. How do I know? Please take a look at the following:

Analytics from my Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram accounts.

I have access to a modest amount of people across four social media platforms. We’re talking about roughly 20M (unique) people, and hundreds of millions of impressions over last 5 years. And for the past 5 years, I rely on online sales as my main income source. That’s why, I think it’s safe to say that my experience with converting traffic into sales might be somewhat relevant to you, if you’re trying to sell anything digital.

The no-fluff guide to selling anything online is simple:


That’s all. If you want to dig into details, Google “social cognitive bias.”
It’s hardwired, because we’re driven by our subconscious mind.

So here’s my really simple way of bringing social proof to your NFT project: I’ve hired literally hundreds of virtual assistants to help me build a network of artists-entrepreneurs launching NFT projects. They’re working around the clock to reach out to creators right now:

The goal here is to invest in each others’ creations as a community, before expecting total strangers to do so. And prevent the following discouraging situation from happening as much as we can:

What we expect from participants is to reserve a private set of items in your collections, and offer it to other members of the network at a standard (and really low) price. You’re required to purchase other members’ creations in order to stay in the network, and obviously they will be purchasing yours, covering the exact cost of your investment.

So let’s say you have 10000 items in your collection. The first 100 to 500 purchases will be made by people in the group, providing your project with the initial momentum that will increase the chances of selling out significantly.

Another potential benefit for our buyers is that, even if just a couple of these projects take off, they will be making a lot of money, helping each other.

Joining the network is free for the first 1000 members (nodes). And only a $99 flat-fee for others. The funds will be used for marketing and community management purposes.

If you’re interested, please sign-up for our NFT Buyers network – Free of charge for active founding members:

If you’ll be joining NFT NYC in November, please ping me, so that we can grab a coffee and discuss this exciting world.

I’ll be investing heavily in advertising in NFT-related keywords to get this network to thousands of creators as soon as possible, so don’t postpone!

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Such a tragedy that I received the following notification on my Twiter just a couple of seconds ago.

Shilling whole day?

Pay us instead, and we’ll spam people on autopilot! SMH!

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