How subconscious mind works — Neville Goddard

For the past five years, I’ve been studying the belief systems of successful people and how they’re different from ours.

I’ve read books as popular as “The Secret”, as unknown as “How to get lots of money for anything fast” (No, the cheesy title doesn’t do justice to the content at all), and everything in between.

Rhonda Byrne, Stuart Lichtman, John Kehoe, Neville Godard have been the milestones of my journey, and they have contributed a lot to my awareness at every step.

As I started digging down the rabbit hole of the subconscious mind, I have realized that it’s not as easy as “Ask and you shall receive.”

The function of our brain is not to make us happy, wealthy, successful, or fit. Its function is merely to keep us alive.

By repeating the things that kept us in our comfort zone, and not letting us try the unknown. A genius algorithm for nature to keep us alive, and reproduce.

So, repeating things like “I receive money every day from multiple sources in increasing quantities” -as some teachings suggest- doesn’t really serve the purpose. If anything, it will trigger fears in case your current reality is the exact opposite.

And since the subconscious mind -not knowing that we’re not living in the jungle anymore- executes its function of keeping us safe, by marking things as one of the two:

- Safe
- Dangerous.

And guess what happens when it marks your goals of making a lot of money as “dangerous”…

Yes, your brain “protects” you by not giving you what you want. Tricks you into thoughts such as “It’s too risky”, “I’m not good enough”, “I feel lazy” and many others that you might hear your inner voice say on a daily basis.

That’s why John Kehoe calls the mind “The biggest trickster.”

So how do we challenge our subconscious mind that represents 95% of our actions, driven by our lizard brain, not the prefrontal cortex -the part that makes us a human-?

By “Repetition” suggests Stuart Lichtman, to make those feelings familiar to us, convincing our subconscious mind to mark them as safe ones.

Transforming our beliefs to work for us, but not against us.

That makes perfect sense and it’s scientifically true. There are many studies that prove the mere act of imagining a scene makes our nervous system react the way as if it was real. Because the subconscious mind can’t tell right from wrong. It just processes images and feelings.

But Neville Goddard takes this one step further and the effectiveness of his teaching just blows my mind. I find it a personal responsibility to spread his word.

So starting tonight, I’ll be sharing highlights from his best books. Stay tuned :)



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